Over 50's Life Cover

Find out more about or specialist over 50's cover...

Life insurance prices tend to rise with time and the older you get the more expensive they tend to be. If you are considering a policy and are over the age of 50 it is definitely worth considering a specialist policy. These policies are tailored for customers in that age group and often come with guaranteed acceptance.

The majority of the big UK's big name insurers offer policies for the over 50's and like most life polices they pay out a cash sum when you die. The big difference with over 50's policies is that they tend to offer a guaranteed acceptance without any medical or health questions to answer. Policies of this type tend to be available to customers between the age of 50 and 80 but some do go as high as 85.

Another big plus of a specialist 50 plus policy is that they tend to come with a fixed premium so you know exactly how much you will be paying each month depending on your age group. Prices vary greatly between insurers so getting a price comparison quote before buying can be useful. As a guide, prices can vary from as little as £4pm to over £100pm for varying levels of cover so you can see why getting a quote as a comparison is sensible.

At Life-cover.com we are able to offer a price comparison on over 50's life cover. A quote from one of our experts only takes a few minutes and could save a substanital amount of money over the duration of your life policy. We operate a no hard sell policy and are happy to speak to you to give you the options before giving you a quote, contact us today and our friendly team will do all they can to help.